This set contains questions on Idioms for SSC CGL and for other competitive exams like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, RRB, SSC etc.

Idioms for SSC CGL

1. Throw down the gauntlet
B.start working disappointment
D.accept defeat

2. To eat humble pie give a feast work hard
C. to apologize stay in jail

3. To play fast and loose sing aloud dishonestly play show kindness act unreliably

4. Pay a score back debts
B.avenge an injury
C.inflict wounds weakness

5. In the nick of the time the exact time advance
C.long time before
D.for want of time

6. Hand in glove
A.complete and safe collusion and sound
D.opposite in views

7. Get the better of
B.defeat the best thing
D.marry suitably

8. Fall foul of
A.fall into a ditch
B.feel ashamed
D.admit defeat

9. Bury the hatchet hard
C.keep secret
D.make peace

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10. Stick to one’s colours
A.paint nicely
B.refuse to submit
C.throw out
D.fold the flag

11. To cut the Gordian Knot cut a lot of papers cut a lot of threads perform a difficult task avoid difficulties

12. Back up the wrong tree
A.accuse the wrong person
B.cut the wrong tree
C.bring out the secret
D.reveal the inside

13. Blow the gaff
A.break the stick
B.reveal a plot
C.blow one’s helper
D.blow the drum

14. Blow hot and cold
A.give trouble
B.beat up completely temper praise and then blame

15. To beat about the bush beat around search among the bush speak in a roundabout manner approach directly

16. Apple pie order
A.a sweet manner
B.extreme neatness
C.great disorder
D.large crowds

17. To break the ice walk over ice get(people) on friendly terms cut ice into slabs avoid cold

18. Speak by the book read the book take an oath upon a book speak quoting a book the book instead of speaking

19. To stand to one’s guns fight strongly keep faith obstinate
D.frequently change opinions

20. To come off with flying colours come beautifully coloured
B.colourful fyling birds throw colours into the winds be very successful

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