GK Questions for SSC Set 7

This set contains GK questions for IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, RRB, SSC etc. General Awareness section is contained in every competitive exam whether it is Banking exam or SSC.

GK Questions for SSC Set 7

1.International Mother Earth Day observed across the world on?
A.1 April
B.20 April
C.22 April
D.24 April

2.The Supreme Court of India has directed that woman employee of the central government can get an uninterrupted leave for ________ years for childcare and it includes needs like examination and sickness?

3.Name the first US male athlete to win the Boston Marathon in three decades (since 1983)?
A.Wilson Chebet
B.Frankline Chepkwony
C.Rita Jeptoo
D.Meb Keflezighi

4.What is KOI-3278?
D.Self-lensing binary star system

5.What is the theme of the 2021 International Mother Earth Day?
A.Green Cities
B.Stand-Up For Mother Earth
C.Interactive Dialogue on Harmony with Nature
D.Restore our Earth

6.Who became the first Indian to won Thailand Tour title of Asian Bowling Federation?
A.Deepak Kumar
B.Shaik Abdul Hameed
C.Vijay Kamal
D.Ali Al-Rashidi

7.Which among the following diseases is often called as “Polio of Agriculture”?
A. Wheat Rust
B. Panama Wilt
C. Citrus Canker
D. Leaf Blight

8.Who is the President and CEO of the Nokia?
A. Satya Nadella
B. Rakesh Agrawal
C. Pekka Lundmark
D. Rajeev Suri

9.In India the period of the monsoon season starts and ends in the months of?
A. March to September
B. May to December
C. June to September
D. None of these

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10.On what day World Press Freedom Day was observed annually?
A. 30th April
B. 1st May
C. 3rd May
D. 5th May

11.‘Neno plug’ refers to-
A.A small bullet
B.A small hearing aid
C.A small rocket launcher
D.None of the above

12.The ‘Nalanda-Project’ is a programme of the Ministry of –
B.Human Resource Development
C.Minority Affairs
D.External Affairs

13.Kandla is well known for –
A.Ship breaking industry
B.Cutting and polishing of diamonds
C.Export processing zone
D.Traditional art and craft centre

14.Helpline ‘Udyami’ is meant for –
A.Micro, small and medium enterprises
B.Large capital industries
C.Female entrepreneurs
D.Farmers using technology in farming

15.19th November is observed as the –
A.World Green Day
B.World Anti-poverty Day
C.World Toilet Day
D.World Clean Water Day

16.Which among the following is the largest mechanized mine in India?
A.Ratnagiri mine
B.Jaipur mine
C.Sudergarh mine
D.Bailadila mine

17.Which one of the following is a marine national park?
D.Gulf of Mannar

18.Which one of the following has been recognized as a Mega-diverse Country?
A.New Zealand

19.Sarga, Pratisarga, Vansa, Manvantara and Vanshanucharita are the jindicators of –

20.The world’s largest known asteroid impact zone is located in —
C.South America
D.North America

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