Geography Questions SSC Set 6

The below post contains Geography questions for SSC, UPSC, PSCs and for other competitive exams like CDS, state government exams, RRB, NDA.

Geography Questions SSC Set 6

1.  In which area is the deodar tree commonly found?
a) Tropical evergreen forests
b) Tropical deciduous forests
c) Thron forests
d) Alpine forests

2.  KP Canal joins
a)Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
b) Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu
c) Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
d) Andhra Pradesh and Orissa

3.  The Niger River falls in
a)Arctic Ocean
b) Bay of Mexico
c) Gulf of Guinea
d) Pacific Ocean

4.  The Annapurna mountain peak is situated in
b) Nepal
c) China
d) Pakistan

5.  Victoria island is situated in ……..
a) Arctic Ocean
b) Indian Ocean
c) North Atlantic Ocean
d) Pacific Ocean

6.  Why does the problem of flood arise in Ganga?
a) Due to high flow
b) Due to high deposition of water
c) Due to less slope
d) Due to much melting of Ice from the Himalayas

7.  If a place is located at 20° N 80° E, in which of the following continents does it lie?
a) Africa
b) Asia
c) Europe
d) North America

8.  The sun shines vertically on the equator?
a) throughout the year
b) for six months
c) twice a year
d) once a year

9.  Which of the following places in India receives maximum precipitation?
a) Itanagar
b) Mawsynram
c) Cherrapunji
d) Tezpur

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