Error Spotting Questions for SSC Set 2

This post contains a set of Error Spotting Questions for SSC CGL and other competitive exams like SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, etc.

Set 2 Error Spotting Questions for SSC CGL

In the following questions, some parts of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, then the answer is (4)i.e No error.

1. Such rules(A)/do not apply to (B)/you and I.(C)/ No error(D)

2. It is a(A)/ quarter to ten(B)/by my watch.(C)/ No error(D)

3. I like reading(A)/ more than (B)/ to play games.(C)/ No error(D)

4. The sun and substance(A)/ of this poem(B)/ is as follows(C)/ No error(D)

5. The team was(A)/now in the field and(B)/ about to take their place(C)/No error(D)

6. What to speak of(A)/ food even water(B)/ was not available.(C)/No error(D)

7. It was difficult to get out(A)/ because the street was full of people (B)/ from one end to another.(C)/No error(D)

8. It had been our custom(A)/ from time immemorial to be(B)/ hospitable to those who come to our doors.(C).No error(D)

9. She does not hardly(A)/ know what (B)/ happened yesterday.(C)/No error(D)

10. In my opinion(A)/ a pencil in always(B)/ more preferable to a pen.(C)/ No error(D)

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11. Her clothes(A)/ were bespattered(B)/ by mud.(C)/ No error(D)

12. He was beside(A)/ himself with rage(B)/ when he saw the men.(C)/ No error(D)

13. We have benefited from (A)/ the discoveries bequeathed at us (B)/ by scientists of the last country.(C)/ No error(D)

14. Although she didn’t mention me by name(A)/ I know her remarks(B)/ were intended for my benefit.(C)/No error(D)

15. He wasn’t(A)/ just considerate(B)/he was downright rude.(C)/No error(D)

16. You should avoid(A)/to travel (B)/in the rush hour./(C)/No error(D)

17. There is(A)/ only one of his novels(B)/ that are interesting.(C)/ No error(D)

18. He denied(A)/ to have (B)/ been there.(C)/ No error(D)

19. Knowledge of(A)/ at least two languages(B)/ are required to pass the examination.(C)/No error(D)

20. The members of the Opposition Party in the parliament(A)/ shout upon the minister(B)/ if he makes a wrong statement.(C)/No error(D)

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