Error Spotting Questions for SSC CGL Set 4

This post contains a set of Error Spotting Questions for SSC CGL and other competitive exams like SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, etc.
In the following questions, some parts of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, then the answer is (4)i.e No error.
1. He is a university professor(A)/but of his three sons(B)/ neither has any merit.(C)/No error(D)

2. After knowing the truth, (A)/ they took the right decision(B)/ in the matter.(C)/No Error(D)

3. It is time you (A)/ decide on your next (B)/ course of action. (C)/ No error(D)

4. He who has suffered the most (A)/ for the cause, (B)/let him speak.(C)/No error(D)

5. A cup of coffee (A)/is an excellent complement(B)/ to smoked salmon.(C)/ No error (D)

6. If I had lots of money(A)/I’d give some to anybody (B)/ who asked for it. (C)/ No error (D)

7. The old man felled (A)/ some of the trees in the garden (B)/ with hardly no effort at all.(C)/No error (D)

8. Until the world lasts, (A)/ the earth will go (B)/ round the sun.(C)/No error.(D)

9. I go to the temple (A)/ as often as (B)/ I find time.(C)/ No error(D)

10. A few tiles on skylab (A)/ were the only equipments (B)/ that failed to perform well in outer space.(C)/ No error(D)

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11. I don’t (A)/want to (B)loose it.(C)/No error(D)

12. Do not(A)/get panicked(B)/in emergencies.(C)/No error(D)

13. Sometimes (A)/ I get angry (B)/ on her.(C)/ No error(D)

14. I use (A)/ to go out (B)/ to work earlier.(C)/No error(D)

15. The teacher (A)/ has took(B)/ the responsibility.(C)/ No Error(D)

16. He walks (A)/ as if the earth (B) / belongs to him.(C)/No Error (D)

17. The clerk was (A)/ not intimidated by (B)/ his boss’s bullying (C)/No error(D)

18. The misogynist hates (A)/ all mother in laws,(B)lady doctors and housemaids(C)/ No error (D)

19. How to solve problems (A)/ is the main concern of the organizers (B)/ at the moment (C)/ No error (D)

20. We requested the watchman(A)/ to clean up the basement (B)/ so that the children had enough space to play(C)/ No error (D)

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