This article contains important inventions and their inventors from the perspective of the SSC CGL/CHSL and Banking examinations.

Inventions and Inventors

Invention Inventor Country Year
Adding Machine Pascal France 1642
Aeroplane Wright USA 1903
Balloon Wright Brothers France 1783
Ball-point Pen Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier Hungary 1938
Barometer C. Biro Italy 1644
Bicycle E. Torricelli Scotland 1839
Bicycle Tyre K. Macmillan Scotland 1888
Calculating machine J.B Dunlop France 1642
Centrigrade Scale Pascal France 1742
Cinematograph A. Celsius USA 1891
Computer Thomas Alva Edison Britain 1834
Cine camera Charles Babbage Britain 1889
Cinema Friese-Greene France 1895
Clock (Mechanical) A.L. and J.L Lumiere China 1725
Clock (Pendulum) Hsing and Ling-Tsan Netherlands 1657
Diesel engine Rudolf Diesel Germany 1892
Dynamite Alfred Nobel Sweden 1867
Dynamo Michael Faraday England 1831
Electric Iron H.W. Seeley USA 1882
Electric Lamp Thomas Alva Edison USA 1879
Electromagnet W. Sturgeon England 1824
Evolution(theory) Charles Darwin England 1858
Film (with sound) Dr Lee De Forest USA 1923
Fountain Pen LE. Waterman USA 1884
Gas Lighting William Murdoch Scotland 1794
Gramophone T.A Edison USA 1878
Jet engine Sir Frank Whittle England 1937
Lift E.G Otis USA 1852
Locomotive Richard Trevithick England 1804
Machine gun Richard Gatling USA 1861
Match (Safety) J.E Lurdstrom Sweden 1855
Microphone David Hughes USA 1878
Microscope Z. Jansen Netherlands 1590
Motor car (Petrol) Karl Benz Germany 1885
Motorcycle Edward Butler England 1884
Neon-Lamp G. Claude France 1915
Nylon Dr W.H Carothers USA 1937
Photography (paper) W.H Fox Tablot England 1835
Printing Press J. Gutenberg Germany 1455
Radar Dr A.H Taylor and L.C. Young USA 1922
Radium Marie and Pierre Curie France 1898
Radio G. Marconi England 1901
Rayon American Viscose Co. USA 1910
Razor(Safety) K.G. Gillette USA 1895
Razor (Electric) Col. J. Schick USA 1931
Refrigerator J. Harrison and A. Catlin Britain 1834
Revolver Samuel Colt USA 1835
Rubber(vulcanized) Charles Goodyear USA 1841
Rubber(waterproof) Charles Macintosh Scotland 1819
Safety lamp Sir Humphrey Davy England 1816
Safety pin William Hurst USA 1849
Sewing machine B. Thimmonnier France 1830
Scooter G. Bradshaw England 1919
Ship (Steam) J.C. Perier France 1775
Ship (turbine) Sir Charles Parsons Britain 1894
Shorthand (modem) Sir Isaac Pitman Britain 1837
Spinning frame Sir Richard Arkwight England 1769
Spinning Jenny James Hargreaves England 1764
Steam engine (piston) Thomas Newcome Britain 1712
Steam engine (condenser) James Watt Scotland 1765
Steel Production Henry Bessemer England 1855
Stainless Steel Harry Brearley England 1913
Tank Sir Ernest Swington England 1914
Telegraph code Samuel F.B. Morse USA 1837
Telephone Alexander Graham Bell USA 1876
Telescope Hans Lippershey Netherlands 1608
Television John Logie Bared Scotland 1926
Terylene J. Whinfield and H. Dickson England 1941
Thermometer Galileo Galilei Italy 1593
Tractor J. Froelich USA 1892
Transistor Bardeen, Shockley USA & UK 1949
Typewriter C. Sholes USA 1868
Valve of Radio Sir J.A Fleming Britain 1904
Watch A.L Breguet France 1791
X-ray Wilhelm Roentgen Germany 1895
Zip fastener W.L. Judson USA 1891

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