Computer Questions Set 5

This set contains computer questions set 5 contains the some previously asked questions that can be helpful for banking exams.

Computer Questions Set – 5

1. Which of the following term defines RAS?
A. Random access security
B. Remote access security
C. Random access service
D. Remote access service

2. Which of the following are true statements about modems?
A. Modems use the telephone lines
B. Modem stands for modulator and demodulator
C. Modem are no longer used in secure network
D. A modem’s fastest transfer rate is 56 kbps
E. (1) (2)

3. The taskbar is located
A. on the start menu
B. at the button of the screen
C. on the quick launch toolbar
D. at the top of the screen

4. In Excel chart are created using which option?
A. chart wizard
B. pivot table
C. menu selection
D. None of these

5. When cutting and pasting the item cut is temporarily stored in
B. hard drive
C. Diskette
D. Clipboard

6. Which statement is not valid about indexing ?
A. It stores the index fields
B. it duplicates the database file
C. it maintain the alphabetically order
D. none of these

7. A treelike structure of records in a database .Select the best fit for answer.
A. Hierarchical database structure
B. Relational database structure
C. Multidimensional structure
D. Sequential database structure

8. Which is the short key to invoke spell checker in MS Access?
A. F2
B. F7
C. Alt+ F7
D. F4

9. DBMS is
A. Collection of data
B. set of programs to access those data
C. set of programs to update those data
D. All of these

10. When a customer makes a online hotel booking ,the database is update in
A. batch mode
B. pseudo real time
C. 2 days
D. All of these
E. None of these

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