viceroys of IndiaHere is a list of Viceroys of India for SSC exams. When India and Pakistan became independent in 1947, the title of viceroy was taken off. The last governor general and first viceroy was Lord Canning. The last viceroy British India and the first governor-general of free India was Lord Mountbatten. He retired in June 1948 and was succeeded by C. Rajagopalachari, who was the first and the last Indian Governor General of free India. Download VICEROYS OF INDIA PDF from here.


Viceroys of India Tenure
Lord Canning 1858-1862
Lord Elgin 1862-1863
Sir Lorence 1864-1869
Lord Mayo 1869-1872
Lord Northbrook 1872-1876
Lord Lytton 1876-1880
Lord Rippon 1880-1884
Lord Dufferin 1884-1888
Lord Lansdowne 1888-1894
Lord Elgin II 1894-1899
Lord Curzon 1899-1905
Lord Minto II 1905-1910
Lord Hardinge 1910-1916
Lord Chelmsford 1916-1921
Lord Reading 1921-1926
Lord Irwin 1926-1931
Lord Willingdon 1931-1936
Lord Linlithgow 1936-1943
Lord Wavell 1943-1947
Lord Mountbatten 1947(March 13-Aug 14)