Dear Readers In this post we have written about some basic SHORTCUTS FOR MULTIPLICATION which can be useful to you while solving simplification questions or any other questions in maths which involve multiplication . What we did basically is break the numbers which makes the question easy to solve and save your time also in…

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Computer is a scoring section in banking exams like IBPS PO ,IBPS Clerk ,SBI PO ,SBI Clerk etc . where you can easily earn marks just by reading some Important Computer Abbreviations , Computer terminologies and Basic Fundamentals of Computer.Here in this post we have made a full list of all the important computer terminologies…

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About Marketing

Dear Readers , In this post, we are providing you the basic Theory of Marketing .Exams like SBI PO , SBI Clerk ,SBI PO ASSOCIATE and SBI CLERK ASSOCIATE has the questions from marketing. We have also compiled some practice sets which covers almost all the topics of marketing. Here are some Marketing Sets. Marketing…

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