Spotting errors in sentencesHere are the few questions on Spotting errors in sentences. Almost every exam contains at least five questions on Spotting errors. Earlier we had discussed some tips to spot errors quickly, you can read them here.


In the following questions,some parts of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error. The number of that part is the answer.If there is no error, then answer is (4)i.e No error.

1. Instead of being (A)/ helpful he was (B)/ being hindrance. (C) /No error (D)

2. Where(A)/ have I (B)/to deposit fees?(C)/ No Error (D)

3. By the time she had finished her work(A)/ I had nearly given up (B)/ all hope of arriving at the party in time. (C)/No Error (D)

4. Some categorically suspected(A)/ having seen the (B)/ guard and theif together. (C)/No Error (D)

5. He was (A)/ not in a position to state (B)/ the speed the ship travelled. (C)/No error (D)

6. Some of the people(A)/ were standing on the street (B)/ watch cricket match, while others were sitting.(C)/No error (D)

7. I am glad (A)/ that the news(B)/ are good. (C)/No error (D)

8. The judge tested the accused (A)/ to see if he would (B)/ read English. (C)/ No error (D)

9. I have neither visited (A)/ or intend(B)/ to visit hill stations. (C)/No error (D)

10. Kamala is not (A)/ inferior than Geeta(B)/ in her studies. (C)/ No Error (D)

11. If you had told me (A)/ I would have helped you(B)/ solve the problem. (C)/No error (D)

12. “The Arabian Nights”(A)/ are indeed(B)/ an interesting book. (C)/No error (D)

13. He(A)/ loved her(B)/ despite of himself. (C)/No error (D)

14. Of all the models(A)/ Jessica is(B)/ the more good looking one. (C)/No error (D)

15. When I went there(A)/ Charles is playing (B)/ a game of chess. (C)/No error (D)

16. A great many student (A)/ have been declared (B)/ successful. (C)/No error (D)

17. We are going to launch (A)/ this three crores project(B)/ within the next few months. (C)/No error (D)

18. I hope to go to shopping(A)/ this weekend(B)/ if the weather permits. (C)/No error (D)

19. The lawyer asked(A)/ if it was worth to take (B)/ the matter to court.(C)/ No error (D)

20. After a carefully investigation(A)/ we discovered (B)/ that the house was infested with termites.(C)/ No error (D)


  • sona kapoor

    please upload answers with explanation.

  • Prathusha Kumaresan

    Q3 has no error

    • Hi Prathusha,

      The correct sentence will be ; – By the time she finished her work, I had nearly given up all hope of arriving at the party in time.