So, here are few more questions on Sitting Arrangement to practice for upcoming exams.

1.   In a row of five boys, Mohan is not adjacent to Sohan or Rohan; Raju is not adjacent to Sohan; Mohan is adjacent to Monu; Monu is at the middle in the row .Then Raju is adjacent to whom out of the following
A. Mohan
B. Sohan
C. Rohan
D. Can’t Say

Directions (Qs.2-5): Read the following information to answer the questions given below:

Five friends Vimala, Amala, Kamala, Bala, Jaleela are sitting in a row facing towards North. Vimala is sitting next to Amala. Kamala is sitting next to Amala. Kamala is sitting next to Bala. Bala is not sitting with Jaleela. Jaleela is sitting on the extreme left.Kamala is second from right. Vimala is to the immediate right of Amala. Vimal and Kamala are sitting together.

2.   Who among the following is at the centre.
A. Amala
B. Vimala
C. Kamal
D. Jaleela

3.   Amala is sitting between
A. Kamala and Jaleela
B. Jaleela and Vimala
C. Vimala and Kamala
D. Bala and Kamala

4.   Who among the following is sitting between Amala and Kamala ?
A. Viamala
B. Bala
C. Jaleela
D. None

5.   What is the position of Bala?
A. Extreme Left
B. Extreme Right
C. Second to the right of Kamala
D. Second to the left of Jaleela

6.   Six boys P,Q,R,S,Tand U are sitting at the vertex of a hexagonal tale,not necessarily in the same order. Q is between U and R .P is between T and S .U is to the left of S. Who is between P and U?
A. Q
B. R
C. S
D. T

Directions (Qs.7-8):Six Cricket players Ganguly, Tendulkar, Dravid, Kumble, Mongia and Laxman are sitting in a circular table facing the centre. Mongia is to the left of Kumble.Dravid is between Ganguly and Tendulkar. Laxman is between Ganguly and Mongia

7.   Who is the right of Dravid?
A. Ganguly
B. Tendulkar
C. Kumble
D. Mongia

8.   Who is to the left of Tendulkar?
A. Ganguly
B. Dravid
C. Kumble
D. Mongia

9.   Four girls are sitting on a bench to be photographed.Shikha is to left of Reena. Manju is to the right of Reena. Rita is between Reena and Manju.Who would be second from the left in the photograph?
A. Reena
B. Shikha
C. Manju
D. Rita

Directions (Qs.10-14):Representatives of six different political parties are sitting at six sides of a hexagonal table for a meeting. Mamta is sitting opposite George. Naidu is sitting next to Badal. Farooq is sitting opposite Badal but not next to Mamta .karunanidhi has a person sitting between George and himself.

10.  Who is occupying the place between Karunanidhi and Farooq?
A. Naidu
B. Mamta
C. Badal
D. None

11.  If Karunanidhi sits to the right of Mamta, who is in Mamta’s left?
A. Naidu
B. Farooq
C. George
D. Badal

12.  Who is sitting between George and Karunanidhi?
A. Naidu
B. Farooq
C. Mamta
D. Badal

13.  Who is sitting between Naidu and Mamta?
A. George
B. Farooq
C. Karunanidhi
D. Badal

14.  Who is sitting opposite Naidu?
A. George
B. Farooq
C. Karunanidhi
D. Badal

15.  Around a circular table, ten boys are sitting for taking tea. There are two boys between Vicky and Ricky .Micky is opposite Vicky. Then how many boys are there between Micky and Vicky?
A. 0
B. 2
C. 4
D. None

Directions (Qs.16-19):A, B,C,D,E and F are sitting in two rows , three in each row ,facing each other . C is second to the left of A. B and E are facing each other. D and A are diagonally opposite each other. B is not neighbour of C.

16.  Which of the following are not facing each other?
A. A,F
B. E,B
C. C,D
D. C,F

17.  Who is facing F?
A. C
B. A
C. D
D. E

18.  E is between which of the following?
A. A,D
B. C,F
C. A,C
D. C,D

19.  Which of the following are sitting in one row?
A. A,E,C
B. A,B,C
C. F,E,D
D. A,F,D

20.  Six cinemas artists Govinda, Hrithik, Karishma, Urmila, Aamir and Juhi decided to build their houses in city Manali.They built their houses in a row. Hrithik has neighbour Urmila and Juhi. Aamir made his neighbour as Govinda and Karishma.Govinda avoided to be neighbour of Juhi or Urmila.Karishma’s house is not next to Urmila. Who are Juhi’s next door neighbour?
A. Hrithik and Aamir
B. Hrithik and Urmila
C. Hrithik and Karishma
D. Only Hrithik