Below is the set of sentence correction questions for IBPS Clerk.



Directions (1-10) In each question below a part of the sentence is highlighted in bold that may contain an error. Below each sentence four phrases are given. One of these can substitute the part of the sentence in bold type to correct to it. The number of that part is the answer. If the part of the sentence which is printed in bold type is correct as it is, mark answers as (E) i.e No correction required as your answer.

1. The three member committee were of the view that the present salary structure of the employees of this company is quite good.
A.this company would be quite good
B.the company are quite good
C.this company was quite good
D.this company had been quite good correction required

2. The chairman’s speech was judged by many as one of the most important speech given in the general body meeting. of the very important speech off the most important speeches of the most best speech of a most important speeches correction required

3. Growth in economic activity should have alleviated poverty, but it has, instead aggravated to the process of exploiting the poor.
A.aggravated in the process of
B.aggravated the process of
C.aggravated off the process to
D.aggravated into the process at correction required

4. The chairman decided to sanction any amount that was required for complete the project.
A.was required to complete required for completing
C.will be required for complete
D.was required into completing correction required

5. The chair professor, along with the colleagues are coming to attend the conference which is scheduled in November this year.
A.colleagues is coming to attend
B.colleagues have been coming to attend
C.colleagues were coming to attend
D.colleagues shall be coming to attend correction required

6. An anti-terrorist cell is opened by the city police headquarter four months ago to curb terrorist activities.
A.cell is being opened by the
B.cell is opened on the
C.cell has been opened by the
D.cell was opened by the correction required

7. A large number of his well wishers called on his house when he celebrate his 50th birthday.
A.when he celebrated his
B.where he celebrates his
C.when he will celebrate his
D.then he celebrates their correction required

8. The new company would first look into the tender conditions of both basic and value added services before submits its bid. before it submits its bid before it submits bid before submitting its bid after it submits the bid correction required

9. A vote of thanks were proposed at the end of the Meeting.
A.thanks were proposed in the
B.thanks was proposed at the
C.thanks had been proposed in the
D.thank was proposed at the correction required

10. The managements’ efforts will be well rewarded if some people imbibe new ideas and plunged themselves into the challenging task of building a company.
A.ideas and plunge themselves
B.idea and plunged themselves
C.ideas and thrust themselves
D.ideas and plunged their self correction required