SEASONAL FOLK DANCES IN INDIAIn this article, we have listed all the seasonal folk dances performed in India. Exams like SSC CGL,IBPS PO and Clerk may contain a question on Dance forms. So, here is the list of all. Now, what is Seasonal folk Dance? A Seasonal Dance is performed as a Annual Celebration, to welcome or bid farewell of seasons.These dances are mainly performed during Spring and Winter. Earlier, we have provided you with Dance forms related with agricultural activities in India.

Seasonal Folk Dances in India

Bilma Baiga tribal areas of Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh To welcome winter season
Bhadap Rural areas of Goa To welcome winter season,it’s performed on the full lunar fortnight of Bhadrapad or on occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi
Dandia Gujarat & its adjoining areas of Rajasthan & Maharashtra On the occasion of Navratra
Fagnoi Tribal areas of Madhya Pradesh On the occasion of Holi
Baana Malwa religion of Madhya Pradesh To welcome spring
Raai Bundelkhand To welcome spring
Madai Madhya Pradesh Next day to Deepawali
Barendi Uttar Pradesh,Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh On the festival of Deepawali
Charkula Braj Region U.P and Rajasthan On the occasion of Holi
Holi Uttar Pradesh In Falgun month on the occasion of Holi
Loor Haryana To welcome Spring
Fagun Haryana To welcome spring and on the occasion of Holi
Gher,Gair,Duff,Chung,Nach Rajasthan On the occasion of Holi
Jaadur Orano Tribal areas of Jharkhand To welcome spring season
Khadiya -as above- During spring season
Borama -as above- During winter season
Karama -as above- During rainy season
Chaiti Ghoda Naat Fishermen’s areas of Odisha To welcome spring season, celebration starts from full moon of Chaitra to Navratri
Sra Parab Santhal tribal areas of Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha and Chattisgarh To welcome spring season
Hemant Paraja tribal area of southern Odisha To welcome winter
Dalkhai Western part of Odisha To bid farewell to rainy season and welcome winters, observed on 8th day of full lunar fortnight of Ashwin month
Riju Dune Siyang region of Arunachal Pradesh To welcome winters
Maaring Maaring tribal areas of Meghalaya To welcome spring season

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