Science Questions Quiz for SSC Set 6

Science Questions Quiz

The below post contains Science questions Quiz for SSC CGL and for other competitive exams like UPSC, CDS, NDA, RRB, state-level exams.

Science Quiz Set 6

1. Which one of the following is called “atom bomb” of the cell-

2.Penicillin is-
D.None of these

3.What is the ph value of human blood?
A.7.36 to 7.46
B.6.36 to 6.46
C.9.36 to 9.46 D.
None of these

4.Which acid substance is found in vinegar?
A.Citric acid
B.Lactic acid
C.Acetic acid
D.Formic acid

5.Which one of the following is a compound?

6.Mecury is used in thermometer because-
1.Mercury does not wet the inner sides of the thermometer
2.It is good conductor of heat

Select the correct answer-
A.Only 1
B.Only 2
C.1 and 2
D.None of the above

7.Which one of the following is the physical process?
A.Digestion of food
B.Rusting of iron
C.Ripening of fruits
D.Melting of ice

8.T.B is a disease caused by-
A.Mycobacterium leprae
B.Mycobacterium tuberculosis
C.Vibrio cholerae
D.None of the above

9.Which groups of planets is known as ‘Gaseous planet’?
A.Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
B.Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Neptune
C.Mars, Venus, Saturn, Uranus
D.Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn

10.Soda-Acid type fire extinguishers contain a solution of sodium hydrogen carbonate and
A.Tartaric acid
B.Sulphuric acid
C.Hydrochloric acid
D.Nitric acid

General Science Quiz Set 3

11.Maximum density of water is-
A.0 degree Celsius
B.4 degree Celsius
C.6 degree Celsius
D.8 degree Celsius

12.The excretory organ in earthworm is-
A.Flame cells
B.Malpighian tubules
D.Contractile vacuole

13.In sweet potato, food is stored in-

14.Which one of the following is used as Anta Acid?
A.Magnesium Acid
B.Magnesium Sulphate
C.Magnesium Hydroxide
D.Magnesium Acetate

15.Consider the following statements-
1.Light year is an astronomical unit
2.Parsec is bigger than a light year

Which one is true?
A.Only 1
B.Only 2
C.Both 1 and 2
D.None of the above

16.Which one of the following is a bisexual animal?
B.Ascaris (Roundworm)
D.Honey bee

17.Which one of the following is caused by a virus?

18. Solar energy is based on-
A.Controlled fission reaction
B.Uncontrolled fission reaction
C.Uncontrolled fusion reaction
D.None of these

19.In myopia-
(i)A person can see nearby objects clearly
(ii)The image of a distant object is formed in front of the retina
(iii)excessive curvature of the cornea

A.Only (I)
B.(i) and (ii)
C.(i),(ii) and (iii)
D.(ii) and (iii) only

20.Which of the following is the set of complementary colors?
A.Red and Cyan
B.Green and magenta
C.Blue and yellow
D.All of these

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