This post contains Set of Science Questions for SSC CGL exam. As you all know general awareness section of SSC exam has many questions from science part. Study the following Science questions for SSC CGL exam.
1. Protein present in wheat grain is-
A) Albumin
B) Cystein
C) Glutenin
D) Keratin

2. Which of the following is sulphur containing amino acid?
A) Trytophan
B) Proline
C) Methionine
D) Aspartic acid

3. The ’God-Particle’ is-
A) Photon of Sunlight
B) Smallest vibrating Particle Photon
C) Higgs-Boson Particle
D) Quantum Particle

4. In western hemisphere, ozone-layer hole is a major factor for the incidence of which of the following ailments?
A) Baldness
B) Asthma
C) Skin cancer
D) Lung cancer

5. Which one of the following is not digested in human body ?
A) Starch
B) Casein
C) Cellulose
D) Vegetable oil

6. When kept in air, which of the following elements glows in dark?
A) Platinum
B) Strontium
C) White phosphorus
D) Red Phosphorus

7. Which one of the following organic substances is an insecticide?
A) Lindane
B) Pyrene
C) Oil of Wintergreen
D) Chloroform

8. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists-
List – I (Vitamins)           List-II
A) Vitamin A              A)Beri-beri
B) Vitamin B1              B)Night-blindness
C) Vitamin C              C)Rickets
D) Vitamin D              D)Scurvy

   (a)    (b)     (c)    (d)
A)   1    2      3     4
B)   2    3      1     4
C)   2    1      4     3
D)   1    4      3     2

9. Which among the following is known as laughing gas?
A) Nitrous oxide
B) Nitric oxide
C) Nitrogen dioxide
D) Nitrogen pent oxide

10. ‘E-Diesel’ is ethanol mixed diesel fuel which is prepared from ordinary diesel by mixing ethanol in percentage of –
A) 7.70
B) 5.50
C) 4.50
D) 2.70

11. A person with vision defect ‘Myopia’ can see-
A) Nearby objects clearly
B) Distant objects clearly
C) Nearby as well as distant objects clearly
D) Neither nearby nor distant objects clearly

12. The mirror used by the dentists to see the teeth of the patients is –
A) Convex
B) Concave
C) Plane
D) None of the above

13. Which one of the following is a plant hormone?
A) Insulin
B) Thyroxin
C) Oestrogen
D) Cytokinin

14. The ‘xylem’ in plants is responsible mainly for-
A) Transportation of food
B) Transportation of amino acid
C) Transportation of water
D) Transportation of oxygen

15. Which of the following is a correct statement?
A) Energy flow in the biospheric ecosystem is cyclic
B) Energy flow in the biospheric ecosystem is cyclic
C) Relative loss of energy in natural ecosystem decreases with increasing trophic levels
D) Species at progressively higher tropic levels appear to be less efficient in using available energy

16. The temperature of the human body-
A) Decreases in winters
B) Increases in summers
C) Neither decreases in winters nor increases in summers
D) Increases in winters

17. The most important factor contributing to the loss of vulture population in India is-
A) Viral infection
B) Bacterial infection
C) Administering of pain killers to cattle
D) Administering of estrogen injection to cattle

18. The main pollutant in the smoke coming from cigarette is-
A) Carbon monoxide and Dioxicine
B) Carbon monoxide and Nicotine
C) Carbon monoxide and Benzene
D) Dioxicine and Benzene

19. ‘Pyrheliometer’ is used for measuring –
A) Sun spots
B) Solar radiation
C) Air temperature
D) Temperature of plants

20. Which of the following is not correct about ecosystem?
A) It comprises both, abiotic and biotic components
B) It has its own productivity
C) It is a closed system
D) It is a natural resource system

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