In Phrase Substitution, a sentence is given with a bold part, that part may or may not contain error. The candidate is required to check the phrase that best substitutes the bold part of the sentence or which is grammatically correct . In this sentences you will find some grammatical errors like incorrect use of verbs in the phrase or there might be some other kind of error. Such error is to be detected and replaced with the options given. For solving these type of questions, a candidate must have a good command on grammatical rules and notions.

Which of the phrases (A),(B),(C)and (D) given below should replace the phrase given in the bold type in the following sentence to make the sentence grammatically meaningful and correct ?If the sentence is correct as it is and nor correction required ,mark (E) as the answer .phrase substitution

1.Roshni was hurried to the station when she dashed against the truck.
A. is hurried
B. was being hurried
C. was hurrying
D. had hurried
E. No correction required

2.I complimented him for his success in the examination.
A. to
B. about
C. at
D. on
E. No correction required

3.The work that he hoped would satisfy him frustrate him completely .
A. satisfy him to frustrate
B. satisfy to frustrate him
C. satisfy him frustrate
D. satisfy him frustrated
E. No correction required

4.To file formal complaint , an application must be submitted.
A. To formalize filing complained
B. Filing of a formal complaint
C. File a formal complaint
D. To complain a formal file
E. No correction required

5.He found it difficult to cope along with his work.
A. up with
B. with
C. also with
D. around
E. No correction required

6.They claim that there employees are highly committing and disciplined.
A. have high commitments
B. are highly committed
C. have been highly committing
D. have high commitments
E. No correction required

7.Write a letter in a legible hand and you should drop it in the mail box.
A. let you drop
B. you drop
C. drop
D. you must drop

8.I am fully convinced of the integrity of my colleagues.
A. fully convincing about
B. full convincing of
C. full in convincing of
D. fully convincing of
E. No correction required

9.The chief ministers as well his advisers ,have agreed to address the rally.
A. has agreed to
B. have been agreed for
C. have been agreed at
D. are agreeable to
E. No correction required

10.I was touching with pity when i heard that he had died.
A. I had been touching with the
B. I had been touching by
C. I was touched by
D. I was touched with
E. No correction required