In this odd man out section we need to choose the word or pair that is different from remaining words or pairs.

1.A. apple
B. mango
C. watermelon
D. guava

2.A. Iran:Asia
B. Norway:Europe
C. Algeria:Africa
D. Candera:Australia

3.A. awl:cobbler
B. knife:chef
C. chisel:solder
D. scalpel:surgeon

4.A. einstein:television
B. curie:radium
C. mulder:proteins
D. becquerel:radioactivity

5.A. Sheep:bleat
B. horse:neigh
C. ass:grunt
D. owl:hoot

6.A. door:bang
B. piano:play
C. rain:ptler
D. drum:be

7.A. krishna:kushan
B. mahavira:jainism
C. bardar:mugal
D. chandragupta:mouryan

8.A. odometer:speed
B. seismograph:earthquakes
C. hygrometer:pressure
D. Ammeter:current

9.A. solder:tin
B. hematite:iron
C. bauxite:aluminium
D. malachite:copper

10.A. salamander:insect
B. frog:amphibian
C. snake:reptile
D. whale:mammal

11.A. profit:loss
B. wise:foolish
C. virtue:vice
D. seduce:attract

12.A. phycology:algae
B. nidology:nests
C. concology:shells
D. onomatology:names

13.A. aphid:paper
B. month:wool
C. termite:wood
D. locust:plant

14.A. cockroach:antenna
B. lizard:flagella
C. hydra: tentacles
D. plasmodium:cilia

15.A. Pyrheliometer:radiation
B. calorimeter:heat
C. planimeter :area
D. barometer:humidity

16.A. chaff:wheat
B. grit:pulses
C. grain:crop
D. dregs:wine

17.A. proteins:marasmus
B. sodium:rickets
C. iodine:goitire
D. iron:anaemia

18.A. lemon:citrus
B. apple:jam
C. orange:squash
D. tomato:pury

19.A. Cow:fodder
B. crow:carrion
C. poultry:farm
D. vulture:prey

20.A. fish: pisciculture
B. birds: horticulture
C. bees: apiculture
D. silkworm: sericulture