• Microsoft word is an excellent word processor that allows the user to create letter, resume, report and announcements.
  • File Extension for MS Word :- .doc or .docx



Function Keys

NAME OF THE KEY Function key Ctrl +Function key Shift+ Function key Alt+ Function key
F1 Open the help Window Display the reveal formatting pane Go to next field
F2 Move text or graphics Switch to print preview view Copy text
F3 Cut to the spike Change the case of letters Creating a new building block
F4 Repeat the last action Close the window Repeat a find or go to action Exit word
F5 Display the Go To dialog box Move to the last change Restore the Word Window size
F6 Go to the next pane or frame Go to the next window Go to the previous pane or frame Move form an open dialog box back to the document ,for dialog boxes as such as find and replace that support this behaviour
F7 Show the spelling dialog box Show the thesaurus task pane Find the text or grammatical error
F8 Extend a selection Shrink a selection Run a Macro
F9 Update the selected fields Insert an empty field Switch between a field codes and its result Switch between all field codes and their results
F10 Show the key tips on the ribbon Maximize the document window Display a shortcut menu Maximize the world window
F11 Go to the next field Lock a field Go to the previous Field Display the Microsoft Visual Basic code window
F12 Show the save as dialog box Show the open dialog box Save the changes to the document

Basic Shortcut keys Keys

Name of the Key Description
Ctrl +N Starts a new Blank Document
Ctrl +O Display the open Dialog Box
Ctrl +W Close the Active Document
Ctrl +S Save a document
Ctrl +P Display the print Dialog Box
Alt +Ctrl +I Switch to and from Print Preview view
Alt +Ctrl +P Switch to Print Layout View
Ctrl +F Display the find dialog box
Ctrl +H Display the Replace dialog box
Ctrl +G Display the Go To dialog box
Ctrl +Z Undoes the last action
Ctrl +C Copy selected text and graphics to the office clipboard
Ctrl +X Cut selected text and graphics to the office clipboard
Ctrl +V Paste the post recent addition to the office Clipboard
Ctrl +F9 Insert a Blank field
Shift +Enter Start a new line in paragraph
Ctrl + Enter Insert a page break
Ctrl + A Selects the entire document
Ctrl + D Opens the font dialog box to change the formatting of characters
Shift + F3 Changes the case of letters
Ctrl + B Applies or removes bold formatting
Ctrl + U Applies or removes underlining
Ctrl + I Applies or removes italics formatting
Ctrl + 1(one) Sets a single line spacing
Ctrl + 2 Sets a double line spacing
Ctrl + 5 Sets 1.5 line spacing
Ctrl + 0(zero) Adds or removes one line space preceding a paragraph
Ctrl + E Switches a paragraph between centred and left alignment
Ctrl + J Switches a paragraph between justified and left alignment
Ctrl + R Switches a paragraph between Right and left alignment
Ctrl + L Applies left alignment
Ctrl + M Indents the paragraph from the left
Ctrl + T Creates hanging Indent
Ctrl + Q Removes a paragraph formatting