Mensuration Formulas For Competitive Exams

Dear Readers, If you are preparing for IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, SBI or any other competitive exam than it’s very important for you to remember each Mensuration Formulas . Because in the exam you will definitely find atleast 4-5 questions based on mensuration. In this post we will discuss bit about mensuration like what is the exact meaning of mensuration and Mensuration Formulas .

Mensuration is basically a branch of mathematics that deals with measurement of various parameters of geometric figures.

Mensuration Formulas



rectangle_ Mensuration Formulas

Let l= length , b=breadth

Area of a Rectangle = length (l) X breadth (b)
Perimeter of rectangle = 2X(l+b)


Let a= side of Square

Area = a×a = a2
Perimeter = 4a


parallelogram_ Mensuration Formulas

Let l=length of paralleogram , h= height of paralleogram , b=breadth of paralleogram

Area of Parallelogram = l X h
Perimeter of paralleogram = 2X(l+b)


triangle_ Mensuration Formulas

Area of Triangle = 1/2 X b X h


rhombus_ Mensuration Formulasd1 and d2 are the diagonals of the rhombus

Area = 1/2 X d1 X d2
Perimeter = 4 X length of Side = 4l


Circle_ Mensuration Formulas

Let r = radius, d = diameter of circle

Area = πr2 = 1/4πd2
Circumference of Circle = 2πr
Radius r= d/2

Area of Sector of a Circle =  θπr2/360
where θ= measure of angle of the sector , r= radius of the sector


Cylinder_ Mensuration Formulas

Let r = radius of base , h= height of cylinder

Volume of cylinder = πr2h
Total surface area of cylinder = 2πr(r + h)
Curved Surface Area = 2πrh


Let r= radius of sphere , d= diameter of sphere

Volume of sphere = 4/3 πr3 =1/6 πd3
Surface Area of sphere = 4 πr2 = πd2


Let r= radius of hemisphere

Volume of sphere = 2/3 πr3 = 1/12 πd3
Surface Area of sphere = 3 πr2
Curved Surface area of a hemisphere = 2 πr2


cone_ Mensuration Formulas

Let r= radius of base, l = lateral height of cone , h = height of cone

Lateral height of Cone l = {(h2+r2)}1/2
Volume of right circular cone = 1/3 πr2h
Area of base of a cone = πr2
Curved Surface Area of Cone = πrl
Total Surface area of cone = πr(r+l)


cube_ Mensuration Formulas

Volume of Cube =l X l X l = l3
Length of Diagonal of Cube = 3l


cuboid_ Mensuration Formulas

Let l=length , b= breadth , h= height

Volume of Cuboid = l X b X h
Length of diagonal of cuboid =(l2+b2+h2)1/2
Total Surface area of Cuboid = 2(lb+bh+lh)