Marketing Set 1


1.One of the following is not including in the 7Ps of marketing .Find the same
a. Product
b. Price
c. Production
d. Promotion

2.Home loan can be best canvassed among
a. Builders
b. Flat owners
c. Land developers
d. Agriculturists
e. Individual wants to buy a flat or house

3.CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is
a. A pre-sales activity
b. A tool for lead generation
c. An ongoing daily activity
d. The task of a DSA
e. All of the above

4.One of the following is not involved in the Growth strategy of the companies
a. Horizontal Integration
b. Vertical Integration
c. Diversification
d. Intensification
e. None of the above

5.SME means
a. Selling and marketing establishment
b. Selling and managing employee
c. Small and medium enterprise
d. Sales and marketing entity

6.A successful ‘Blue Ocean Strategy ’ required
a. Effective communication
b. Innovative skills
c. Motivation
d. All of the above

7.Bancassurance can be sold to
a. All banks
b. All insurance companies
c. Insurance agents
d. All existing and prospective bank customers

8.Data mining means analyzing the data stored with
a. The DSA
b. The front-office staff
c. The back-office staff
d. The customers
e. none of these

9.Storing some data in many places is called
a. Iteration
b. Redundancy
c. Enumeration
d. Concurrency

10.Cross-selling is the basic function of
a. All employers
b. All employees
c. All sales person
d. Planning department
e. All of those

11.Promotion in Marketing means
a. elevation from one grade to another
b. selling the product in specific
c. selling the products through various means
d. passing an examination
e. None of these

12.One of the methods for Market Monitoring is
a. to monitor media outlets
b. to watch TV serials
c. to discuss with other sales persons
d. All of these
e. None of these

13.Market Expansion means
a. hiring more staff
b. firing more staff
c. buying more products
d. buying more companies
e. None of these

14.Effective marketing helps in
a. developing new products
b. creating a competitive environment
c. building demand for products
d. All of these
e. None of these

15.A Call in Marketing means
a. to phone the customers
b. to visit the customers
c. to visit the marketing site
d. to call on prospective customers
e. None of these

16.Delivery Channel means
a. places where products are made available
b. maternity wards
c. to handing over the products to the buyers the buyers
d. All of these
e. None of these

17.One of the following is a target group for the Marketing of Internet Banking.
a. Only creditors
b. All the customers
c. All the educated customers
d. All the computer educated customers

18.Innovation mean
a. Product Designing
b. New ideas
c. Impulse
d. Both (A) and (B)
e. None of these

19.One of the following is a target group for the marketing of educational loan.
a. All the customers
b. Students
c. Only poor students
d. Students having promising educational track record
e. All of these

20.Service after sale is not the function of
a. Seller
b. Employees of the company
c. Marketing staff
d. Director of the company
e. All of the above are wrong