Here, in this post we are providing you the complete list of Inventions and Investors for SSC CGL and UPSC exams. As one question in general awareness section of any competitive examination can be asked from list of inventions and investors. You can download the PDF of list of Inventions and investors from here.


List of Inventions and Inventors for SSC CGL and UPSC exams


Invention Inventor
Adding Machine Pascal
Aeroplane Wright
Balloon Wright Brothers
Ball-point Pen Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier
Barometer C. Biro
Bicycle E. Torricelli
Bicycle Tyre K. Macmillan
Calculating machine J.B Dunlop
Centrigrade Scale Pascal
Cinematograph A. Celsius
Computer Thomas Alva Edison
Cine camera Charles Babbage
Cinema Friese-Greene
Clock (Mechanical) A.L. and J.L Lumiere
Clock (Pendulum) Hsing and Ling-Tsan
Diesel engine Rudolf Diesel
Dynamo Michael Faraday
Electric Iron H.W. Seeley
Electric Lamp Thomas Alva Edison
Electromagnet W. Sturgeon
Evolution(theory) Charles Darwin
Film (with sound) Dr Lee De Forest
Fountain Pen LE. Waterman
Gramophone T.A Edison
Jet engine Sir Frank Whittle
Machine gun Richard Gatling
Microphone David Hughes
Microscope Z. Jansen
Motor car (Petrol) Karl Benz
Motorcycle Edward Butler
Printing Press J. Gutenberg
Radium Marie and Pierre Curie
Radio G. Marconi
Refrigerator J. Harrison and A. Catlin
Rubber(vulcanized) Charles Goodyear
Rubber(waterproof) Charles Macintosh
Safety pin William Hurst
Sewing machine B. Thimmonnier
Ship (Steam) J.C. Perier
Ship (turbine) Sir Charles Parsons
Steam engine (piston) Thomas Newcome
Steam engine (condenser) James Watt
Telephone Alexander Graham Bell
Telescope Hans Lippershey
Television John Logie Bared
Thermometer Galileo Galilei
Transistor Bardeen, Shockley
Typewriter C. Sholes
Watch A.L Breguet
X-ray Wilhelm Roentgen

Download the list of Inventions and Investors for SSC and UPSC exams here