In this post, we are providing you INDIAN POLITY  QUIZ 3 _study4success INDIAN POLITY QUIZ 3 for exams like SSC and CDS. SSC CGL exam contains 3 to 4 questions from Indian Polity.

Indian Polity Quiz 3

1. If the office of the President of India vacant,within what time should be next president be elected?
B.Within 2 months
C.Within 6 months
D.Within in 1 year

2. In the election of the President ,Value of the vote of the Lok Sabha members same
B.differs according to the geographical size of the respective state
C.differs according to the number of votes a member represents
D.none of these

3. In the case of a deadlock between the two houses of the Parliament ,the joint sitting is presided over by the
C.Speaker of Lok Sabha
D.Member of the Lok Sabha specifically elected for the purpose

4. The Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is
A.Elected by the members of the Rajya Sabha
B.nominated by the president
C.elected by members of both houses and parliament
D.elected by Parliament and state legislatures jointly

5. When a financial emergency is proclaimed
A.repayement of government debts will stop
B.payment of salary to public servants will be postponed
C.salary and allowances of any class of employees may be reduced
D.Union budget will not be presented

6. In which of the following situation does the president act in his own discretion?
A.In appointing the prime minister
B.In returning a proposal to the council ministers for reconsideration
C.Both (A) and (B)
D.None of these

7. The constitution of India borrowed the scheme of Indian Federation from the constitution of

8. What is the minimum age for election/appointments as member of the Rajya Sabha
A.35 years
B.30 years
C.25 years
D.40 years

9. Parliament of India is composed pf
A.Lok sabha only
B.Rajya Sabha only
C.Lok sabha and Rajya Sabha
D.Lok sabha ,Rajya Sabha and President

10. At a time ,President’s rule can be imposed on a state for maximum period of
A.1 year
B.2 years
C.4 years
D.5 years

11. Which of the following acts gave representation to the Indians for the first time in legislation?
A.Govt. of India Act,1935
B.Indian Council Act,1909
C.Govt. of India Act,1919
D.Indian Council Act,1919

12. Which of the following was adopted from the Maurya Dynasty in the emblem if Government of India?
A.Four Lions
B.Chariot Wheel
D.Words satyameva jayate

13. Idea of the constitution of India was first of all given by
A.Mahatma Gandi
C.Jawaharlal Nehru
D.Shri M.N.Roy

14. The constitution of India was promulgated on January 26,1950 because
A.this day was being celebrated as the Independence day since 1929 was wish of the farmers of the constitution
C.British did nit want to leave India earlier than this date
D.It was an auspicious day

15. The Indian Constitution was enforced on
A.30th Jan ,1950
B.26th Jan ,1950
C.15th Aug ,1947
D.29th Nov ,1949

16. The constitution of India is adopted by the
A.Governor General
B.British Parliament
C.Constitution Assembly
D.Parliament of India

17. A Municipal Corporation is set up in a city with a population of not less than
A.1 lakh
B.12 lakhs
C.10 lakhs
D.5 lakhs

18. The national planning commission of India was constituted in

19. The National Anthem was first sung in the year

20. Which one is not an element of state?