Here is Idioms and phrases for SSC CGL and CDS exams. Five or more Idioms and phrases can be asked in the exam. Download Idoms and Phrases from here.


In the following questions, four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrases printed in bold in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.

1.When he went to claim insurance for his car, the agent said he hadn’t a leg to stand on.IDIOMS AND PHRASES FOR SSC CGL
A.had been injured in an accident
B.was lame
C.did not have much hope of getting it
D.would have to wait for sometime

2.This is so simple that even a man in the street can understand it. ordinary person illiterate person unknown person
D.a stranger

3.His blood ran cold when he heard his uncle was mudered.
A.He was frightened
B.He was horrified
C.He was disgusted
D.He was depressed

4.It is high time he came out of his shell.
A.appeared suddenly
B.became more socialable
C.became a loser
D.removed his clothes

5.Even political party is at present playing to the gallery.
A.adopting cheap tactics
B.befooling the common man
C.fighting for votes
D.appeasing the masses

6.The angry hockey players gave vent to their feelings. express emphasise suppress dismiss

7.I trust you will bear with me a few minutes more.
A.have patience with
C.carry the burden in control for

8.As usual he is blowing his own trumpet.
A.refusing to use anybody else’s trumpet
B.playing a tune on the trumpet
C.praising himself
D.praising himself and others

9.When trade was brisk, he worked hard and made his fortune; he believes in making hay while the sun shines.
A.taking advantage of a favorable opportunity
B.earning money through dishonest means
C.earning money at the cost of others
D.taking advantage of the inflationary trends

10.When they were surrounded by from all sides, the dacoits laid down their arms.
A.put their arms on the ground
B.fought bravely
D.became nervous

11. A bolt from the blue
A.a delayed event inexplicable event unexpected event unpleasant event

12. Cold comfort
C.slight satisfaction
D.foolish proposal

13. To be all at sea
A.a family voyage
B.lost and confused the middle of the ocean
D.a string of islands

14. To take to one’s heels walk slowly run away march forward hop and jump

15. To bite the dust voraciously
B.have nothing to eat roots
D.None of the above

16. He and his friends are sailing in the same boat.
A.sailing together in the same boat
B.sharing the financial and social condition
C.being in the same difficult situation
D.getting rid of the difficult situation

17. To be successful in today’s world, we require the gift of the gab.
A.ability to speak well
B.good interpersonal skills
C.divine help and guidance
D.a fierce competitive spirit

18. Winter was so bad that the nomadic tribesman found it difficult to keep the wolf from the door.
A.hunt wild animals
B.escape starvation
C.get woollen clothes
D.walk on ice

19. There is no soft option to the crisis now.
A.popular opinion
B.popular situation
C.easy and agreeable option
D.difficult choice

20. a little gush of gratitude
A.gradual recovery
B.friendly feeling
C.excessive enthusiasm
D.excessive labour