History questions for SSC CGL and CDS exam. There are 4 to 5 questions on Indian History in SSC exam.

Set- 5 History questions for SSC CGL EXAM

history questions for ssc
1. The followers of Buddha who lived a family life were called —
A. Upasampada
B. Anusavan
C. Grihapati
D. Upasaka

2. The last attack of ‘Mahmud Ghaznavi’ was against the–
A. Tomars
B. Pratiharas
C. Jats
D. Solanki

3. Who among the following was responsible for the destruction of Nalanda University?
A. Bhatiyar Khilji
B. Alauddin Khilji
C. Iltutmish
D. Muhammad bin Tughluq

4. In which year was the Indus Valley Civilization discovered?
A. 1924
B. 1919
C. 1921
D. 1915

5. _________were the officers who collected the taxes and tributes in the later Vedic period.
A. Sangrihitris
B. Aryavartas
C. Munsees
D. Sardars

6. Amir Khusro was a famous poet in the court of—–
A. Iltutmish
B. Alauddin Khilji
C. Muhammad Bin Tughlaq
D. Kutubuddin Aibak

7. What is the correct sequences of the Afghan Dynasty who rules over the Delhi Sultanate?
A. Sikandar Shah-Ibrahim Lodi – Bahlul Lodi
B. Sikandar Shah- Bahlul LodiI – Ibrahim Lodi
C. Bahlul Lodi-Sikanadar Shah – Ibrahim Lodi
D. Bahlul Lodi-Ibrahim Lodi – Sikandar Shah

8. Which among the following wars caused the end of the Vijaynagar Empire?
A. Third battle of Panipat
B. War of Athoni
C. Talikota War
D. None of the above

9. Where is the historic place “Hampi” located?
A. Bijapur
B. Bellary
C. Gulbarga
D. Raichur

10. Who was responsible for the rise of the ‘Vijaynagar Empire’?
A. Krishnadevaraya
B. Harihara and Bukka Raya
C. Balaji Vishwanth
D. Rajraja Chola

11. Which among of the following wars was fought in the year 1565?
A. The first battle of Panipat
B. Battle of Khanwa
C. Second battle of Panipat
D. Battle of Talikota

12. Who translated the epic ‘Mahabharat’ to Bengali?
A. Alauddin Hussain Shah
B. Nusrat Shah
C. Raja Ganesha
D. None of the above

13. The’Adina Masjid’, built in 1373 by Sultan Sikandar Shah, is locked in India at _________.
A. Uttar Pradesh
B. West Bengal
C. Gujarat
D. None of the above

14. Who was the Guru of Saint Kabir?
A. Ramanuj
B. Namdev
C. Vallabhacharya
D. Ramananda

15. Who among the following Mughal Emperors ruled twice in India?
A. Shah Jahan
B. Humayun
C. Babar
D. Jahangir

16. Name the Mughal Emperor who spread his kingdom to Southern India ________.
A. Akbar
B. Aurangzeb
C. Jahangir
D. Shah Jahan

17. Name the last Mughal Emperor who sat on the ‘Peacock Throne’?
A. Shah Alam I
B. Muhammad Shah ‘Rangila’
C. Ibrahim Lodhi
D. Jahandar Shah

18. Historically, the first currency called ‘Rupee’ was introduced in India by _______.
A. Gayasuddein Tughlaq
B. Sikandar Lodhi
C. Sher Shah Suri
D. Akbar

19. The Harappan civilization is also known as the—
A. copper age civilization
B. silver age civilization
C. bronze age civilization
D. golden age civilization

20. Jain literature has _______ Angas.
A. Five
B. twelve
C. fourteen
D. seven