FOLK DANCES FOR ENTERTAINMENTThis article contains the list of FOLK DANCES FOR ENTERTAINMENT.Many exams may contain a question from these dance forms. Earlier we have discussed DANCE FORMS RELATED WITH AGRICULTURAL ACTIVITIES IN INDIA, SEASONAL FOLK DANCES IN INDIA, SOCIAL FOLK DANCES. Dance performances which are done purely for entertainment are known as Folk Dances for Entertainment. In these dance forms makeups, dresses and music are used widely.



Nautanki U.P., M.P., Bihar and Rajasthan Wedding Ceremonies, fares and exhibitions
Raslila Braj region of U.P. Shrawan, Bhdrapad and Ashwin months
Tharu Tharu tribal areas of U.P. and Uttarakhand
Chauphala Garhwal region of Uttarakhand
Naati, Dheeli Phenti and Bashari Himachal Pradesh
Jabro Laddakh region of J&K Moonlight
Rauf J&K Valley
Hikat J&K Valley
Gidda Punjab
Terahtali Kamara tribal area of Rajasthan
Kalbelia Kalbelia tribal area of Rajasthan Performed by Kalbelia(Snake Charmers)
Charee Dance Rajasthan On the various occasions of joy and happiness
Garba Rajasthan and Gujarat On the occasion of Navratri
Morullem Punjab Specially in Shigma festival in Fagun month
Jhamta Chattisgarh, M.P.
Gaur Bisan born tribal area of Chattisgarh
Koya Koya tribal area of Odisha
Rasaskali Western region of Odisha
Nak Chang-Renny Northern part of West Bengal & Bodo speaking Rabha tribe of Assam
Gnel Kiya Bhutiya tribe of sikkim On the occasion of Joy and Happiness
Singhee Cham Kanchanjangha Valley of Sikkim
Diyasa Karachee tribe of Manipur
Kumpitlang Tarao tribal area of Tengnipal region of Manipur
Vilanghem Konyak tribal area of Nagaland On the occasion of procession and Happiness
Jemi Jemi tribal area of Meghalaya
Bardochhom Shardukpen tribal people of Arunachal Pradesh On festivals
Songi mukhavate Maharashtra
Puliyattam Kerala and Tamil Nadu
Dhamal Aheer community of Gurgaon, Haryana
Dhamali Dance Vathal tribe in Jammu & Kashmir
Yakshgan Dance Karnataka
Chhelam Dance Mizoram Evening of any occasion
Chakri Dance Kota, Bundi and Bara District of Rajasthan To welcome Barat and on other occasions