This article contains the folk dances related with Agricultural Activities. These dance forms are Bihu_study4successperformed during preparation of paddy cultivation, sowing and harvesting of crops. These dance forms can be asked in upcoming exams like SSC, IBPS PO, IBPS CLERK.

1. Bihu Paddy growing areas of Assam Preparation of Paddy,Sowing of Paddy seeds,harvesting of crop & celebration of Assamese new year(1st day of Vaisakh)
2. Hajong Harong tribal area of Meghalya This dance is performed before harvesting for good crop, happiness & prosperity throughout the year
3. Shadsuk Mayanjiyam Marbisu & Nagpiliyu Districts of Meghalaya Harvesting & sowing of next crop in Veeking & Zaob Region
4. Ponang Adi tribal area of Arunachal Pradesh Before harvesting of new crop
5. Lay-kut-lay Kom tribal area of Manipur During Plantation of crop
6. Lebang Bomani Tripura Harvesting of crop
7. Hajagiri Riyang tribal area of Tripura During harvesting of crop in the month of ‘Bhadrapad’
8. Domrua Ho tribal area of Odisha, Jharkhand and West Bengal During Plantation of crop
9. Batoli Nach -same as above- During crop
10. Nom-Jama -same as above- When paddy crop ripes
11. Mage Parab -same as above- Harvesting
12. Bizza Pandu Koya tribal area of Odisha Before deity for want of good crop
13. Bhojali Gond tribal area of Satpura mountain ranges in Chattisgarh To rule out fear of drought and for good rain, it is performed on full moon of ‘Ashadh’ & ‘Sharavan’ month
14. Parab Rajmuria tribe of Bastar(Chhattisgarh) Harvesting season in the bright lunar fortnight(Shukal Paksh of Chaitra Month)
15. Sarhul Oraon tribal areas of M.P. After harvesting of crop in full moon night of ‘Chaitra’ month
16. Saila Reena Gond tribal areas of M.P, Bihar, Odisha, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan & Uttar Pradesh After harvesting of crop
17.Tarpa Verli tribal areas of Maharashtra It is performed in the month of September & October to wish good crop
18. Bhangra Punjab Performed mainly during the harvesting of crop but now it is very popular as wedding dance in urban areas
19. Kud Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir Harvesting of maze crop