In this post, we have posted FILL IN THE BLANKS PRACTICE SET 4 which comes in almost every exam from SSC to IBPS.
Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.


1.These essays are intellectually ____ and represent various levels of complexity.
A. revealing
B. modern
C. demanding
D. superior
E. persistent

2.Some people ___ themselves into believing that they are indispensable to the organisation they work for.
A. force
B. denigrate
C. delude
D. fool
E. keep

3.The soldiers were instructed to ___ restraint and handle the situation peacefully.
A. exercise
B. control
C. prevent
D. enforce
E. remain

4.How do you expect that country to progress when her government is corrupt, ____ and still largely feudal.
A. devalued
B. dwindling
C. despotic
D. demeaning
E. demolished

5.Since one cannot read every book, one should be content with making a____ selection.
A. normal
B. standard
C. sample
D. moderate
E. judicious

6.On his sudden demise ,my emotions were so complicated that it was _____ how I felt.
A. unreasonable
B. impossible
C. intolerable
D. unimaginable
E. inexplicable

7.Two of the fugitives managed remain free adeptly avoiding the ____ of the police.
A. torture
B. pursuit
C. discovery
D. following
E. repression

8.His interest in the study of human behaviour is indeed very _____.
A. strong
B. large
C. broad
D. vast
E. deep

9.I will be leaving for Delhi tonight and _____ return by this week end.
A. waiting
B. plan
C. going
D. likely
E. making

10.The improvement made by changes in the system was____ and did not warrant the large expenses.
A. large
B. small
C. minute
D. marginal
E. uncertain

11.Mounting unemployment is the most serious and problem___ faced by India today.
A. dubious
B. profound
C. unpopular
D. unattainable
E. intractable

12.Automobile manufacturers are reviving up to launch a campaign designed to increase consumer ____ about the new emission control.
A. knowledge
B. awareness
C. capacity
D. production
E. capacity

13.His logic ___ everyone, including the experts.
A. teased
B. defined
C. surprised
D. confounded
E. overwhelmed

14.It is not fair to cast ___ on honest and the innocent person.
A. aspiration
B. aspersions
C. inspiration
D. adulation

15.You must ___ your carrier with all seriousness.
A. direct
B. complete
C. follow
D. manage
E. pursue

16.The villagers ___ the death of their leader by keeping all the shops closed.
A. announced
B. protested
C. mourned
D. consoled

17.These medicines are __ for curing cold.
A. Proper
B. Real
C. Effective
D. Capable
E. Powerful

18.The poor ones continue to ___ out a living inspite of economic liberalisation in that country.
A. find
B. bring
C. eke
D. go
E. manage

19.I will write a letter to you tentatively ___the dates of the program.
A. Involving
B. urging
C. guiding
D. Indicating
E. propagating

20.Contemporary economic development differs ___ from the industrial Revolution of the 19 th Century.
A. usually
B. specially
C. naturally
D. literally