Here is set of ERROR SPOTTING QUESTIONS for SSC CGL, IBPS PO, CLERK, UPSC, RRB and various other competitive examinations. The answers with explanations are provided.



1. A city dweller finds it difficult (A) / to pass away the time (B)/in a village.(C)/No Error.(D)

2. Visitors (A) / were not permitted (B)/ entering the park (C)/ after dark./No Error (D)

3. The fifth and final act (A) / of Macbeth contain (B)/ the sleepwalking scene.(C)/ No Error (D)

4. One of the terrorists (A) / of the Kashmir valley (B)/ are shot dead.(C)/ No error. (D)

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5. Ten kilometres (A)/ is (B)/ a long distance to walk.(C) / No error. (D)

6. I saw him (A)/ a couple of times (B)/ since May (C)./No error (D)

7. Tea (A) / which I am drinking (B)/ is hot (C)./ No error(D)

8. Although the police officer sympathised with poor (A) / he refused to (B) / take an action against the rich man.(C)/No Error (D)

9. We were looking forward (A)/to hear news (B) / about the missing fishermen.(C)/ No error (D)

10. The actress (A)/ was shocked (B)/ by the news of her dog’s death.(C)/ No Error.(D)

11. One of the question(A)/ he asked me was (B)/ “Who did you travel with(C)?”/ No Error.(D)

12. I know (A)/ a doctor (B)/ you are referring to (C)/ No error.(D)

13. The introduction of job-oriented courses (A)/ in the self-financing colleges (B) attract many students.(C)/ No error.(D)

14. It is better (A)/ to keep one’s head in the face of danger than (B) / losing one’s courage(C)./No Error(D)

15. The short story (A)/ should not exceed (B)/ more than two hundreds words. (C)/ No error(4)

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16. To die with honour (A)/ is better than (B)/ live with dishonor(C)./ No Error.(D)

17. It is I (A) / who is to blame(B)/ for this bad situation(C)/ No Error (D)

18. Gowri told me (A) his name after (B)/ he left.(C)/ No Error (D)

19. John would have told (A)/ you the truth (B)/ if you had asked him. (C)/ No Error (D)

20. My sister(A)/ has read (B) / pages afr pages of the Bible.(C)/ No Error (D)

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