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Here is another set on Common Error Questions for IBPS PO, IBPS CLERK, RRB, CDS, SSC exams. As atleast 5 questions are asked in IBPS exams. Here are some quick tips to solve, common error questions, you can read them here.


In the following questions, some parts of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error. The number of that part is the answer.If there is no error, then the answer is (D)i.e No error.

1. Look (A) / somebody (B)/ had climbing up (C) / that tree over there.(D)/No Error (E)

2. Sachin is one (A)/ of the greatest players (B)/ who has (C)/ played for India.(D)/ No Error (E)

3. I saw Jack (A)/ at a party (B)/ a few month ago (C)/ and he did seems fine.(D)/ No error (E)

4. Betty has a (A)/ term paper to write (B)/ and she has a lab report (C) / in finish too.(D)/No error (E)

5. If a hotel is (A) / very expensive, it does not (B)/ mean that its (C)/services is best.(D)/ No error(E)

6. Professor Lal teaches(A)/ both history as well as literature(B) each semester.(C)/ No Error(D)

7. The media play (A) a vital role(B) in popularising a brand(C)./No Error(D)

8. My friend will not come(A) to attend this marriage(B) unless he is not invited(C)./ No Error(D)

9. This is the second communication we have sent(A) and we are much suprised(B) at receiving no answer(C)./No error(D)

10. She is wealthy (A)and can afford (B)all the pleasures of life(C)./No Error(D)

11. Plunging international crude oil prices (A) / and the subsequently lowered of fuel prices (B) / come as a morale booster (C) / for the auto industry.(D)/ No error (E)

12. Handwriting is an art form (A)/ just like painting, drawing and (B)/ Sketching, this art (C)/ can develop by individuals with some effort.(D)/No error(E)

13. The decision (A)/ to buy out the plant (B) / was base at (C)/ the cost benefit analysis.(D)/No error(E)

14. The states will also be told to effective utilise the new (A)/ created Price Index to ensure (2)/ that prices of onions and potatoes (C)/ do not show any artificial increase.(D)/ No error(E)

15. The draft made a case by removed different (A) / types of fees and charges on (B)/ e-transactions by various entities and providing (C)/ incentives for such payments.(D)/No error(E)

16. As sugar prices have (A)/ collapsed on, supply surges for four years in (B)/ a row, used industries (C)/ are being reaped a bonanza.(D)/No error.(E)

17. Coffee production in India (A)/ is expected to touch a new peak this year,(B)/ as the crop prospects are encouraging (C)/ due to adequate rains.(D)/ No error(E)

18. Country launched a naval operation(A)/ to stop human traffickers (B)/ by bringing migrants (C) / across the border.(D)/No error(E)

19. In the swimming pool area(A)/ the guards were busy (B)/ to stopping children (C)/ from falling into the leg pool.(D)/ No error(E)

20. If cooking is an expression of love and you want (A)/ your loved ones to know how much you love them(B)/ it will be a pity if you could (C)/ did no much than order pizza.(D)/ No error(E)