COMMON CONFUSING WORDSHere are some common confusing words in English language. There are a lot of words in English
language which either sound alike or look alike but have completely different meaning and use.

List of common confusing words

  • Able                          Ability to do
    Capable                 Capacity to do
  • Accident               Tragic happening
    Incident                 A minor event
  • Ancient                  Not modern
    Old                         Not new
  • Allow                      Not to refuse
    Permit                    Give consent
  • Apprise                  To inform
    Appraise                To judge
  • Conscience           Sense of right or wrong
    Conscious              Aware
  • Childish                  Negative sense
    Childlike                 Positive sense
  • Credible                Believable
    Creditable             Worthy
  • Deny                      A statement
    Refuse                    A thing
  • Elicit                        To draw out
    Illicit                         Unlawful
  • Honorary                Holding office without pay
    Honourable            Worthy of honour
  • Human                    Natural to mankind
    Humane                  Kind
  • Industrial                  Relating to industry
    Industrious               Hard working
  • Judicial                    Pertaining to law
    Judicious                 Wise
  • Luxuriant                  Rich in growth
    Luxurious                  Full of luxury
  • Negligent                Careless
    Negligible                Very little
  • Official                     Connected with the office
    Officious                  Meddlesome
  • Practical                  Opposed to theoretical
    Practicable              That which can be translated into action
  • Practice(Noun)        Doing regularly
  • Precede                   To go before
    Proceed                   To go on
  • Precedent               Previous action/decision which is taken as a rule
    President                  Head
  • Social                       Who can mix easily
    Sociable                   Friendly
  • Temper                     Become angry easily
    Temperament         Nature
  • Terrible                     Unpleasant, fearful
    Terrific                       Wonderful
  • Urban                       of town or city
    Urbane                     Excellent social manners
  • Vision                        the ability to see
    Visionary                   Who can plan the future with imagination and intelligence