Banking Awareness is the important section in IBPS PO and Clerk examination. To score good marks in this section, all you need is to be aware of the banking concepts and functionalities. Here we will try to provide you with banking awareness practice sets:

1. An ECS transaction gets bounced and you are unable to recover your money from your customer. Under which Act criminal action can be initiated?
A.Indian Penal code
B.Negotiable Instruments Act
C.Criminal Procedure Code
D.Payments and Settlements Act
E.Indian Contract Act

2. The Business Correspondence Model being adopted by the banks provides Banking facilities to which of the following-
A.Only Corporate model
B.Only weaker sections of the society and people from the small village
C.Only thode who are taking house loans
D.All (1),(2) and (3) above
E.None of these

3. Which of the following organizations/agencies in India maintains the Micro Finance Development and Equity Fund which was in news recently?
A.Confederation of Industries in India (CII)
B.Indian Bank’s Association (IBA)
C.Small Industries development Bank of India (SIDBI)
D.Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
E.National Bank of Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD)

4. Which of the following agencies/organizations has decided to make major changes for ULIPs?
E.None of these

5. Which of the following is NOT a financial term?
A.Acid Test
B.Double Fault
C.Gross Profit
E.Cash Flow

6. In the terms of economics, the recession occurring two times with a small gap in between is known as
A.Double Inflation
C.Deep Recession
D.Double Dip Recession
E.None of these

7. Many a times we read in newspaper about CASA deposits of banks. CASA Deposits are:
A.Demand Deposit
B.Term deposits
C.Hybrid Deposits
D.Recurring Deposits
E.Special schemes of banks

8. The Reserve bank of India has setup a Working Group to review current operating procedure of monetary policy including ‘LAF’. What is the full-form of ‘LAF’?
A.Liquid Assets and Funds
B.Liabilities and Funds
C.Liabilities Adjustment Finance
D.Liquidity and Finance
E.Liquidity Adjustment Facility

9. Which of the following organizations/agencies plays a major and crucial role to moderate and control inflation in a country?
(1) Central Bank of the country
(2)Stock Markets of the country
(3)Planning Commission of the country
A.Only (2)
B.Only (1)
C.Both (1) and (2)
D.Both (2) and (3)
E.All (1),(2) and (3)

10.  As per the existing policy the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) of scheduled banks is fixed at a certain percentage of their NDTL. What is the full-form of NDTL?
A.New Demand & Tenure Liabilities
B.Net Demand & Time Liabilities
C. National Deposits & Total Liquidity
D.Net Duration & total Liquidity
E.New Deposits and Term Liquidity

11.  The Reserve Bank of India recently decided to review its monetary policy more frequently. This measure of the RBI will be called RBI’s
(1)Monetary Measure
(2)Financial Market Measure
(3)Regulatory Measure
A.Only (1)
B.Only (2)
C.All (1),(2) and (3)
D.Both (1) and (2)
E.Only (3)

12. ”Basel Committee on Banking Supervision” is also known as
A.Thomas Cook Committee
B.Talwar Committee
C.Bank for International Settlements Committee
D.Peter Cook Committee
E.Banking Regulation Committee

13. While investing in mutual funds we come across a term called NAV. What is the meaning of NAV?
A.Net Annual Value
B.Non Asset Value
C.Net Actual Value
D.Net Asset Value
E.Net Average Value

14. ’Commercial Papers’ are issued by-
A.a Company to a bank
B.Banks to companies
C.Banks to Banks
D.Company to its suppliers
E.None of these

15. MAT provision in income tax stands for-
A.Medium Alternate Tax
B.Maximum Alternate Tax
C.Minimum Alternate tax
D.Mild Alternate Tax
E.None of these

16. Many a times we read SWIFT in newspapers. What is its full form?
A.Sound World Wide Institution for Transactions
B.Safe Window in case of Financial Transaction
C.Society for World Wide Interbank Financial telecommunication
D. Safe window for Inter Bank financial transactions
E.None of these

17. In the World of commodity exchanges-the concept of “A standard contract to buy or sell a specified commodity at a certain date in future and at a market driven price” is known as-
A.Future Contract
B.Forward Contract
C.Market Contract
D.Standard Contract
E.None of these

18. The foreign trade policy in India is announced by the-
A.Reserve Bank of India
B.Ministry of Commerce
D.Ministry of Finance
E.None of these

19. Lending to Self Help Groups(SGHs) by banks is known as
A.Non Priority Sector
B.Priority Sector
C.Commercial Sector
D.Corporate Sector
E.None of these

20. From which one of the following source(s), Indian companies are allowed to access funds from abroad?
(1)External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) only
(2)Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds (FCCBs)/Foreign Currency Exchangeable Bonds only
(3)Preference Shares Only
A.Only (1)
B.Only (2)
C.All (1),(2) and (3)
D.Only (1) and (3)
E.Only (3)