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Set 9 Banking Awareness for IBPS exams

1. Who is the World bank President?
A.Christine Legrade
B.Jim Yong Kim
C.Raghuram Rajan
D.Monteksingh Ahluwalia
E.Noneof the above

2. Ben Bernanke is the Chairman of Federal Reserve. What is Federal Reserve?
A.Central Bank of UK
B.Financial wing of the World bank
C.Central bank of USA
D.European union Central bank
E.None of these

3. NEFT means?
A.National Electronic Funds Transfer
B.Negotiated Efficient Fund Transfer system
C.National Efficient Fund Transsfer Solution
D.Non Effective Fund Transfer Sytem
E.None of these

4. Distribution of insurance products and insurance policies by banks as corporate agents is known as?
A.General Insurance
B.Non life Insurance
D.Insurance Banking
E.Deposit Insurance

5. In respect of partnership business, LLP stands for-
A.Local Labour Promotion
B.Low Labour Projects
C.Limited Loan Partnership
D.Longer Liability Partnership
E.Limited Liability Partnership

6. What is a stale cheque?
A.A cheque issue without drawer’s signature
B.A cheque with only signature of the drawer
C.A cheque which has completed 3 months from the date of its issue
D.Any of the above
E.None of the above

7. Interest on savings bank account is now calculated by banks on?
A.Minimum balance during the month
B.Minimum balance from 7th to last day of the month
C.Minimum balance from 10th to last day of the month
D.maximum balance during the month
E.Daily product basis

8. What will be the ultimate impact on the poor and landless farmers if all of a sudden, government decides to raise the Minimum Support Prices of rice & foodgrains excessively?
A.The poor farmers will become rich
B.The markets will crash
C.The poor farmers will get poorer
D.This will encourage the exports of rice and food grains
Poverty in India will get eliminated

9. The Twelfth Finance Commission has recommended States share in the divisible pool of taxes at what percentage?
A.26.5 percent
B.28.5 percent
C.29.5 percent
D.30.3 percent
E.None of the above

10. Consider the following statements about the National Agricultural Insurance Schem (NAIS):
1.The scheme has been implemented from rabi 1999-2000 season
2.The scheme is available for non loan farmers only

Which of the following statements given above is/are correct?
A.1 only
B.2 only
C.Both 1 and 2 only
D.Neither 1 and 2
E.cannot be determined

11. In which of the following years, the National Food Processing Policy was formulated?
E.None of the above

12. The Command Area Development Programme (CADP) has been renamed as which one of the following?
A.Command Area Development and Water Management Programme
B.Command Area Development and Forest Conservation Programme
C.Command Area Development and Pollution Control Programme
D.Command Area Development and Poverty Control Programme
E.None of the above

13. Consider the following statements-
1.The coverage of Integrated Child Development Programme is limited and often the youngest children in the 0-3 year age group get left out of its ambit
2.According to ICMR, at any given time, 7-15% of Indian Children suffer from mental disorder

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
A.A only
B.B only
C.Both A and B only
D.Neither A nor B
E.cannot be determined

14. Consider the following agreements-
1.ISLFTA (India Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement)
2.SAFTA (South Asia Free Trade)
3.CECA (Comprehensive Economic Co-operation Agreement between India and Singapore)
4.SAPTA (South Asia Preferential Trade Area)

Which one of the following is the crrect chronological sequence of the above agreements?
A.(A, C, B, D)
B.(D, A, B, C)
C.(B, A, D, C)
D.(A, B, C, D)
E.None of these

15. Consider the fllowing statements-
1.Varsha Bima, the rainfall insurance scheme, is managed by the Agricultural Insurance Company of India Ltd. (ATCIL)
2.The scheme was introduced during the year 2007 south-west monsoon period

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
A.A only
B.B only
C.Both A and B only
D.Neither A nor B
E.None of the above

16. Who among the following has suggested migration to accural accounting system from cash based accounting system in India?
A.I.V Reddy
B.R.H Patil
C.D.N Ghosh
D.C. Rangarajan
E.None of the above

17. In which of the following years was the tax revenue as a percentage of GDP the lowest?
E.None of the above

18. Which one of the following is the proportion of rainfed agriculture to the net sown area in India?
E.None of the above

19. What is the strategy which makes an all-out effort to provide the masses of people in india access to basic facilities such as health, education, clean drinking water, etc termed as?
A.Inclusive growth strategy
B.Exclusive growth strategy
C.Rapid Growth strategy
D.balanced growth strategy
E.None of the above

20. Public Distribution system (PDS) is operated under the responsiblity of the-
1.Central Government
2.State Government

A.Only 1
B.Only 2
C.Both 1 and 2
D.Neither 1 and 2
E.None of these